Flesh eating Zombie? Blood thirsty Vampire? Bullet hole to the head ? . . . No problem ! Using Special Effects (SFX) makeup I can recreate ultra realistic, gruesome and gory, bloody cuts and wounds. Perfect for Spooky Events, extravagant Pranks & Halloween . . . ensure your creepy character is sensationally scary !

A patch test may be required prior to your event to help prevent any possible allergic reactions to SFX materials and products.

Completely transform yourself with a bald cap, prosthetic chins, noses, ears and so much more ! 

A patch test will be required prior to your event, to help prevent any possible allergic reactions.



Available for Photoshoots, Film, TV, Theatre Productions or just for family FancyDress Parties !

Let me transform you as far as you imagination permits ! Whether you wish to be aged by 50 years, morphed into a captivating Avatar, mesmerising Mermaid or creepy, evil Clown . . . Complete your ultimate fancy dress or CosPlay outfit with amazing and striking makeup to suit ! 

Fantasy Makeup